WUTC approves PSE’s new and expanded EV charging programs

PSE reached a milestone in realizing our vision for clean mobility when the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) approved our new and expanded electric vehicle charging programs at the end of May. The programs include Fleet & Commercial, Multi-Family, managed charging and expanded education and outreach for customers and communities.

The Fleet & Commercial program will benefit small businesses, school districts, municipalities, community-based organizations and other entities that are seeking to transition their fleets to electric vehicles, while the Multi-Family program will bring EV charging within reach for residents outside of single-family homes. The managed charging program will provide incentive credits based on the percentage of dedicated EV charging sessions occurring outside of morning and evening peak times to help mitigate load impacts to PSE’s distribution system.

Our education and outreach efforts will build on existing information about vehicle availability, vehicle conversion planning, total cost of ownership, and incentive and grant opportunities. There will also be a strong emphasis on engaging communities that face higher barriers to electrified transportation with cocreated, culturally relevant education and marketing materials, opportunities for hands-on experience with EVs, information through trusted messengers, and application and enrollment assistance.

TheFleet & Commercial, Multi-Family, managed charging and education and outreach programs will begin customer enrollment and engagement in January 2023. Additional EV products and services, including single-family residential, public, and workplace charging, will be proposed to the UTC by the Spring of 2023 to complete the full suite of PSE Transportation Electrification portfolio. To learn more about PSE’s strategic framework to advance clean mobility and drive the transition to a cleaner energy future, read our Transportation Electrification Plan.