Underground transmission line information session recap

On Monday, August 16, PSE hosted an hour-long informational session on undergrounding transmission lines. Over 100 community members registered to attend, and participants asked dozens of thoughtful questions about the potential of undergrounding lines on Bainbridge Island.

Attendees heard from Lowell Rogers, Principal at Oak Strategic, and Andy Swayne, PSE’s Senior Municipal Liaison Manager, who explained what it would take to underground transmission lines, the costs associated with the work, and the benefits as well as the drawbacks of such a project. Andy and Lowell then answered the public’s questions about a wide variety of topics, including PSE’s wildfire mitigation efforts, the lifecycle of underground transmission lines, and the potential cost to both customers and the City.

Thanks to all the Bainbridge community members who participated! This session is just one of many opportunities to engage with PSE’s work on Bainbridge Island, so keep an eye out for future events where you can learn more about future projects and provide feedback.