The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary asks you to mark your small craft

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary of North Kitsap is urging you to mark your paddle craft, like kayaks or paddle boards, and properly secure them.

The Coast Guard treats every distress call and report of an unmanned paddle craft as if a real life is at stake. Reports of adrift paddle craft can divert response boats and air crews on dangerous and costly searches that turn out to be false alarms. 

“Unmanned adrift vessel search and rescue responses are the number four response activity in the Coast Guard nationwide,” said Dan Shipman, recreational boating program specialist for the 13th District. “By properly securing your small craft, on the beach, dock or your vessel from being set adrift, you’re not only saving taxpayers’ dollars, you are also helping protect your property, the environment and possibly, the life of someone who is actually in need of assistance.