This project will take place along Sunrise Drive NE and East Day Road, east of N Madison Ave. This project is currently in engineering.

Crews will use an existing utility corridor to rebuild four miles of overhead distribution line between the Murden Cove and Port Madison substations. This new distribution feeder line will use tree wire, a specialized coated wire that is strong enough to withstand a tree limb falling into the line. Since trees are the number one cause of outages on the Island, installing tree wire significantly reduces the frequency of tree-related power outages.

The new distribution line will also help us continue to provide safe, dependable and efficient service by providing a third direct feeder tie between the Murden Cove and Port Madison substations. In a future outage on one line between the substations, another line may be available to serve our customers.

Together, these improvements will make the Island’s electric system more reliable by improving system redundancy and reducing the risk of power outages from tree limbs.

Sunrise Drive NE and N Madison Ave tree wire Map