Sensi smart thermostats as low as $1 – upgrade now and enroll in Flex Smart+

If you’ve been considering upgrading to a new smart thermostat, now is the perfect time. Until April 30, PSE is offering an increased rebate of $100 on any Sensi smart thermostat, reducing some models to as low as $1 each. Additionally, you’ll receive free shipping when you purchase your smart thermostat from the PSE Marketplace.

Sensi smart thermostats qualify for enrollment in Flex Smart+, Bainbridge Island’s energy-efficiency pilot program. You can receive $50 per device for enrolling a Sensi, Nest, Honeywell (TCC or Home), Amazon or ecobee thermostat, and $20 per device for enrolling Mysa or Sinopé thermostats.

Better yet, Bainbridge Island residents receive an additional $75 enrollment bonus, with additional rewards for continued participation.

Flex Smart+ was developed to ease strain on the grid during high-demand periods, known as “Flex events.” By enrolling your thermostat, PSE will automatically make slight adjustments to its temperature setting during Flex events to help manage demand. Participation is voluntary, and you can always readjust the temperature to your liking without penalty.

Don’t miss out! Sensi smart thermostats are only on sale until April 30 at the PSE Marketplace.

To learn more about Flex Smart+, visit here.