Renewable Energy Programs

We continue to offer customers and communities industry-leading renewable energy programs – like Green Direct and Green Power – to reduce their carbon footprint.

Wind turbines operate on a sunny day.

Green Power and Solar Choice allow customers to match some or all of their electricity usage with renewable power or exclusively solar power, respectively. Customer Connected Solar helps customers with solar arrays use net metering to offset the cost of electricity they purchase with the energy they generate on their own.

Solar panels reflect sunlight on a bright day.

Community Solar is a new renewable energy program coming soon that offers 100% local solar without having to invest in or install your own solar system. Customers subscribe to shares in a newly constructed local solar energy site and receive bill credits for energy that their shares generate. For more information about Community Solar sites coming soon and when you can subscribe, visit to sign up for updates.

Two public Up & Go electric vehicle charging stations demonstrate a greener way to charge on the go.

PSE’S Up & Go Electric public charging stations are a greener way to charge when on the go. Energy purchased at these stations is matched with 100 % renewable energy through our Green Power program. That means not only are drivers reducing their emissions by choosing to drive an electric vehicle, they’re also investing in a better energy future every time they charge.

On Bainbridge, we have two properties in our Workplace pilot and three in our Multifamily pilot that are fully operational. These properties are among our highest in terms of utilization, accounting for over 17,500 kWh consumed since the chargers were installed. That’s the equivalent of saving 1,750 gallons of gasoline and 34,282 lbs of CO2!