Ready to generate your own solar energy? PSE is here to help!

Installing solar panels at your home or business can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your electric bill. Through our Customer Connected Solar program, PSE can provide you with reliable information and resources to learn more about installing solar panels.

Before making a long-term investment in solar, start by using our Recommended Energy Professionals (REP) network to find dependable and qualified solar installers in your area who can help determine if your home or business is ideal for solar. An experienced installer will help you evaluate your property and determine the best options to maximize your return on investment. 

Another reason to use our REP network: you’ll avoid being taken advantage of by aggressive sales tactics that claim “free” or “no cost” solar, pressure you with time-limited offers, and hide contract or loan terms. We strongly recommend getting multiple bids on your solar project and checking references before selecting an installer. 

Remember, there’s no hurry to install solar at your home. PSE’s offering of net metering – which helps you offset the cost of the electricity you buy with energy you generate at home – will likely remain in place through at least 2023 as it’s governed by state law. And, we’ll be working to determine how net metering can continue into the future to keep supporting our customers’ needs.

If you’re not ready to install your own solar at this time but are still interested in supporting renewable energy, you may be eligible for one of our other renewable energy programs, like Green Power or Solar Choice, which do not require any equipment to install or maintain to participate.

Learn more, including how to apply for interconnection and net metering, at