PSE supports Bainbridge Island Trails

Visit a park and you’ll find a trail too on Bainbridge Island. More than 42 miles of public trails now wind through green forests, over golden fields and along glistening shorelines, part of the island’s rich outdoor recreation scene.

Puget Sound Energy is proud to support the Bainbridge Island Parks & Trails Foundation, a leader in planning, funding, and maintaining the growing trails network. The Foundation rebranded this month, formally adding “Trails” to its name – not that the activity is new.

“Our very first fundraiser was a trail run, and trails have always been part of our mission and vision,” said Mary Meier, Parks Foundation executive director. “It’s an affirmation that trails are a connective thread for our community, and offer so much for all of us – health, solace, connection with parks and nature.”

PSE supports the Parks & Trails Foundation’s annual Community Grants program for island nonprofits and clubs. Many of these clubs volunteer their time in turn, helping steward parks and maintain trails island wide – a virtuous circle that benefits all park users, islanders and visitors alike.