PSE sets “Beyond Net Zero Carbon by 2045” goal

We’re excited to share an aspirational goal to be a Beyond Net Zero Carbon company by 2045. PSE will target reducing its carbon emissions to net zero and go beyond that by helping other sectors to enable carbon reduction across Washington State.
“Climate change is an existential threat that cannot be ignored, and we are doing our part to move further and faster to save our planet,” said PSE President and CEO Mary Kipp. “Our customers have been asking for cleaner energy; and by setting this aspirational goal, we are putting our stake in the ground. We will work with our customers, as well as our lawmakers and regulators, to push a path forward, based on data and facts, which will drive significant and meaningful change.”
A critical component will be balancing clean energy goals with customer expectations for uncompromised reliability, safety and affordability. We’re committed to ensuring that all customers and communities have access to, and benefit from, the transition to a clean energy future. The challenge to protect the most vulnerable and remain sustainable will necessitate healthy and complementary electric and natural gas energy systems, as well as other technologies that may not yet be commercially feasible, to maintain both affordability and reliability.
Knowing the complexity of the issues involved and the need to meet many different interests, we are convening an external advisory committee with representation from a diverse set of community members, partners, technical experts and others.
Read our commitments and aspirational goals and our Beyond Net Zero Carbon by 2045 white paper.