PSE provides $200,000 to local nonprofits for a warmer winter

As the weather gets colder, PSE’s community team set out to make winter a little warmer across the communities we serve. Through our 2023 Warm Winter campaign, 75 nonprofits spanning 10 counties received contributions totaling $200,000. In Kitsap County, the following organizations received Warm Winter funds:

These funds support three critical components of a warm winter: meals, clothing, and some holiday joy. Half of the Warm Winter funds specifically go toward the purchase of warm, prepared and/or delivered meals serving individuals who do not have access or ability to cook. Approximately $70,000 supported the purchase of warm clothing and other critical winter necessities such as jackets, hats, mittens, boots, socks, hand warmers or specialized protective helmets for individuals with physical impairment. The final $30,000 helped organizations purchase diapers, toys and other holiday cheer items for families that experienced hardship over the holiday season.

PSE is proud to fund these generous organizations, supporting our neighbors in need and helping ease the burden some experienced this holiday season. Read more about our Warm Winter contributions and view a full list of contribution recipients via the media release here.