Time is running out for HORSE biodigester


HORSE biodigester at the Harbour Public House

The High Solids Organic Waste Recycling System with Electrical Output (HORSE) bio-digester that spent almost a year at the Harbour Public House may be trotting off the island. The HORSE was a pilot project between PSE, Impact Bioenergy and the Harbour Public House to demonstrate the viability of using food waste to make electricity and fertilizer, and help further the discussion about a larger, permanent community digester.

Since June of this year when the HORSE left the Harbour Public House, we have been looking for a new home to continue the pilot and gather more information about this exciting technology. We are grateful Bainbridge Disposal has allowed PSE to store the HORSE on their property for several months while we search for a new host on the island. If a new home is not found by the end of September, PSE will need to move the bio-digester off the island. While many entities have shown interest in hosting the bio-digester, we have yet to find one that can host the HORSE.

"The HORSE was first brought to the island as a pilot project, and that project was successfully completed,” stated Karen Brubeck, community outreach manager for PSE. “It would be great to find another host and keep the digester on the island for another year of data and learning about the technology, and we have a few more weeks to make that happen."

Regardless of where this HORSE ends up, PSE is working with the City to explore the potential of a larger, permanent community digester and will keep the community updated.