Thanks for joining our first online information session!


A walkway that leads to a body of water with cloudy and grey skies looking out to land that has bright lights reflecting on the water

Our Jan. 29 online info session was focused on targeted conservation and demand response tools.

Renee Zimmerman, Community Projects Manager, participated on the panel with Mark Lenssen, Supervisor, Energy Management Engineering. Together, they led a discussion focused on:

  • Overview of PSE's package of projects on Bainbridge island.
  • How targeted conservation and demand response helps address the island's capacity need by reducing demand. Combined with the proposed battery, these "non-wire" solutions help postpone the need for a new substation for 10 years if successfully adopted by the community.
  • Programs and tools PSE is focused on and expected timing for launching the tools over the next year. 

Visit this link to listen to the recording.