System improvement projects


At PSE, our top priority is providing customers with safe, dependable and efficient energy service, which is why we conduct regular system improvement projects on Bainbridge Island and across our service area. Since 2010, we have spent over $21 million on Bainbridge Island for our system improvements. 

As part of our annual work on Bainbridge, through 2017 and into 2018, we have six system improvement projects planned or ready for construction to minimize outages and continue to improve system reliability

  • Brien Drive SE rebuild: Rebuild an existing overhead distribution line to reduce the risk of future outages (summer to fall 2017) 
  • NE Bergman Road tree wire: Replace 4,000 feet of existing overhead distribution wire with tree wire (late summer to fall 2017) 
  • NE Lafayette Ave rebuild and tree wire: Replace existing overhead distribution wire with 3-phase tree wire (late summer to fall 2017)
  • Sunrise Drive NE and N Madison Ave tree wire: Rebuild nearly four miles of distribution feeder line with new tree wire, providing a third connection between Murden Cove and Port Madison substations (late summer 2017 to winter 2017-2017)
  • Blakely Ave NE underground distribution: Install approximately two miles of new underground distribution feeder cable to provide system redundancy (late 2017 to early 2018)
  • Point White Drive NE tree wire: Replace existing overhead distribution wire with tree wire (2018)

Nearby residents will be notified via mail several weeks before construction begins on each project. To learn more about these projects or previous system improvement projects, you can visit our current project page and completed projects page.