Support to Pleasant Beach Village


The pool at Pleasant Beach Village.

PSE provided a $12,925 commercial industrial retrofit grant to Pleasant Beach Village that allowed them to save almost 63,600 kilowatt hours of energy annually. Over the last four years, they had burned through three pumps, running them at 100 percent 24/7, when it wasn’t necessary to do so for proper pool maintenance.

By partnering with PSE and Aquatic Specialty Services, Pleasant Beach Village installed a new pump and digital flow meter control for their outdoor pool. This new pump saves energy by allowing the pump speed to be turned to the most appropriate flow rate that meets the filtration requirements for when the pool is used, either running continuously during open season or intermittently during off season.

“I am very thankful for both PSE and Aquatic Specialty Services for helping us solve our pump motor problem while simultaneously decreasing the amount of energy our pool consumes,” stated Ryan Eichten, Pleasant Beach Village property manager.