Successful renewable energy outreach extended


The sun rises at Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility

PSE is committed to helping Bainbridge Island lower its carbon footprint. One way we do that is to engage with the community on renewable energy every year. In May 2018, we canvassed Bainbridge Island neighborhoods to educate you about our renewables programs – Green Power and Solar Choice.

"This is a great opportunity for customers to meet face to face with knowledgeable staff, have their questions answered and begin participating in the program of their choice,” stated Karen Brubeck, PSE outreach manager on Bainbridge Island. “With approximately 10 percent of Bainbridge Island homes already participating in these programs, the community on Bainbridge has already displayed a strong commitment towards renewable energy."

Throughout the four weekends in May, the team enrolled an additional 121 customers to either Green Power or Solar Choice or 28 percent of all those they spoke to. Due to this remarkable success, we are adding additional canvasing dates in June and July.

Remember, both these programs are a cost effective way to lower your carbon footprint. By paying a few dollars more a month, renewable power is generated at a separate location and added to the power grid on your behalf. Sign up today for Green Power or Solar Choice!