Status of Green Direct program on Bainbridge


As you may recall, PSE’s Green Direct program is a carbon reduction program that allows municipal and corporate customers the ability to purchase 100 percent of their energy from a dedicated, local, renewable energy resource. PSE launched the second phase of the Green Direct program this summer. Green Direct is an innovative renewable program being deployed by just a few utilities around the country. 

PSE began the conversation regarding the City of Bainbridge’s potential partnership with the City Council when the Green Direct initiative was first launched in 2016. We proactively reached out because we recognize Bainbridge Island as a forward thinking and environmentally focused community. The Council first considered participation in the program last summer. In mid- August, PSE presented Phase 2 of the program to the Council, and the Council subsequently deferred the decision to the City's Climate Change Action Committee (CCAC) for their consideration. 

Due to the high demand for Phase 2, the entire 32 average megawatts (aMW) allocated and approved for this phase was fully subscribed the same day the program opened on August 31. At this time the program is closed to additional participants. We hope that PSE will have similar offerings in the future that the City can again consider for adoption. 

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