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Wind turbines during sunset

Lower Snake Ridge Wind Facility in Garfield County.

PSE is proud to offer renewable energy programs for Bainbridge customers to keep sustainability within reach and reduce their carbon footprint. These options include Solar Choice, Green Power and Customer Connected Solar.

Green Power provides customers with the option of matching some or all of their energy usage with renewable power. Green Power is sourced from resources that are naturally replenishing like solar, hydro and wind power rather than fossil fuels. Choosing these energy resources helps dramatically lower pollution. Similar to Green Power, Solar Choice matches some or all of the power you use with clean solar energy. Solar Choice uses 100 percent solar power generated here in Washington and our neighbor, Idaho.

To further help customers reduce their carbon footprint, Customer Connected Solar allows PSE customers to generate their own power with solar array installations on their property. Visit our website for information if you are interested in installing solar power at your home.