Responding to recent storms in Kitsap County


Sign warns of utility work ahead, with a utility truck covered in snow in the background.

Crews work to restore power on Bainbridge after one of this month's snowstorms.

Kitsap County has been hit with several storms this winter, including the February snowstorms that affected all of Western Washington. Behind the scenes, there were 24 different line crews on Bainbridge Island working 24/7 to safely restore power to our customers. The back-to-back storms caused a large number of outages on the island, with the number of affected customers peaking at approximately 4,500. During the most recent power outage, the PSE community outreach team set up a table at Town & Country Market to allow customers to ask questions, get a hot cup of coffee, and charge their cell phones.

The best way to follow the status of an outage is by checking our outage map and the myPSE app. These tools were recently updated based on customer feedback during the recent snowstorms when the outage map did not always perform as expected. We sincerely appreciate the feedback we get from customers so we can continue to improve these new, industry-leading tools. During an outage, you can also call our customer service number (1-888-225-5773) to report an outage by phone.

Being prepared for inclement weather

PSE is committed to providing safe and reliable power to our customers. We know it is difficult and unsafe for our customers to be without power, which is why PSE is dedicated to keeping customers informed with early alerts and quick responses to restore power after an outage. To stay safe in the event of an outage, customers can do the following: have an emergency plan, create an emergency kit and learn more about outage notifications.

As the potential for inclement weather continues, it is important to stay prepared for an emergency. It’s best to create a safety plan and an emergency kit before a power outage or a natural disaster strikes to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Basic items to include are water and food to last from 7 to 10 days, flashlights, a battery-powered radio and a first aid kit. Preparing multiple kits for your home, work and vehicle can also help you stay safe if you become stranded. Read more about creating an emergency kit or an emergency plan on our website.

PSE sends out notifications for outages and emergencies via mobile alerts. Check your account preferences on your online account to ensure you are receiving alerts. Outage notifications will inform you if your power goes out, estimated time for power restoration and when your power is restored.