Reducing our carbon footprint 50% by 2040


Snoqualmie Falls

Thousands of visitors view Snoqualmie Falls every year, our first hydroelectric plant built in 1898.

For the past 145 years, PSE has powered communities and businesses throughout Washington. To ensure we meet current and future needs, we developed a measurable plan with short- and long-term steps to reduce our carbon footprint 50 percent by 2040. 

This plan prioritizes a transition away from coal, new product and resource development, and cleaner transportation in Washington. 

“We can create a better energy future, which is why we are committing to reducing our carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2040,” said PSE President & CEO Kimberly Harris. “PSE is prepared to pave the way while also empowering our customers with simple and concrete actions they can take in their daily lives to lower their footprint. By working together, we can preserve and protect our environment for generations to come.” 

This carbon-reduction plan includes the following initiatives: 

  • Transition from coal: With the retirement of Colstrip Units 1 and 2 by July 2022 and the shutdown of Centralia Power Plant in 2025, we will be nearly 90 percent non-coal generation -- and on the path to 100 percent by the early 2030s. 
  • New product and resource development: We will make strategic investments in new products and renewable resource development, building on the popularity of programs like “Green Direct” that allow large-scale energy customers to subscribe to PSE’s renewable energy projects.
  • Cleaner transportation: With 43 percent of carbon emissions in Washington state coming from transportation, we are committed to accelerating the growth and adoption of electric vehicles, as well as investing in the development of cleaner alternatives to diesel and other fuels to ensure buses, ships, ferries and trains can be as green as possible. 

While some of these efforts we can do on our own, others will require policy changes at the state level to ensure our carbon-reduction goals can be met. We are actively working with the state legislature and Utilities and Transportation Commission to update and improve the regulatory climate, to apply a price to carbon that balances environmental goals with costs and benefits to customers, and to take action to dramatically increase the number of vehicles powered by electricity and other alternative fuels. 


This is a partnership

PSE offers a variety of programs to help customers reduce their carbon footprint. Learn more and sign up today!

Green Power:Through a small additional payment sent in with your monthly energy bill, we buy clean energy on your behalf from independent producers in the Northwest. This commitment makes it possible for local energy innovators in wind, solar, landfill gas and agricultural and food waste to secure funding to bring new renewable generation to the market – funding that would otherwise not be available to these local innovators. 

Visit to learn more and sign up. 

Solar Choice: Through a month-to-month solar subscription you buy solar renewable energy credits from new, independent solar producers located in the Northwest. For as little as $5, you can match a portion of your power usage with renewable energy from solar producers in Washington or Idaho.

Visit to learn more and sign up.