PSE Up & Go Electric installs EV charging stations on Bainbridge Island


Electric car charging station and parking spaces

Puget Sound Energy brought fast and reliable electric vehicle charging to nearly 150 Bainbridge Island residents this summer as part of our efforts to create a better energy future.

Through the PSE Up & Go Electric multifamily pilot program, we installed three electric vehicle charging stations – each of which contains multiple charging ports for simultaneous charging – at Winslow Cohousing, Grow Community and the Walk on Bainbridge Island. Residents of these three multifamily properties can now quickly charge their cars right where they live. We were especially excited to partner with these three communities because of their dedication to electric vehicles and renewable energy. The Walk and Grow communities will be incorporating solar power into their new charging stations, and Winslow Cohousing has its own EV Charging Task Force.

While these three charging stations are dedicated for the use of the properties’ residents, we plan to open eight public charging stations for the use of all drivers in our service area by 2022. That’s to go with further efforts to expand charging under the PSE Up & Go Electric pilot programs, including installing charging stations at single-family homes, workplaces and additional multifamily properties.

There are over 1,900 EVs in Kitsap County. By making it more convenient to charge at home, at work and on the go, we hope to encourage even more of our customers to switch to an electric vehicle. For more information on electric vehicles, visit

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