Prepare for storm season


Our beautiful summer weather is slowly turning very fall-like. The rains have started and many of the trees are sporting fall colors. This is the time when everyone should be thinking about preparing for winter storms.

Check out the information on our website for ways you and your family can be prepared for storm season and what to do in the event the lights do go out. 


How power is restored after a storm

Throughout the year, we've continued to work on Bainbridge Island to improve the island’s electric reliability. However, we may still face storms that take the power out.

When that happens, hundreds of our employees and partners work tirelessly to get the lights back on - there is no higher priority for us than safely restoring power. We also bring in additional crews from Canada, Oregon, and Montana when needed to help bolster our response.

We first work to begin repairs as close to the source of generation as we can. Until we've found and repaired any damage to our large transmission lines, we won't know the extent of the damage further down the line. This method also ensures the most customers have their power restored as quickly as possible.

We prioritize restoring power to essential services, such as hospitals, water systems, energy, and transportation. Once the transmission system, substations, and essential services are back online, we work our way down the transmission lines to the smaller distribution circuits that feed your neighborhoods and homes.

For more information on the Island's electric system and our reliability improvement efforts, including the frequently asked questions about reliability.