New Solar Choice program


Solar power is a great renewable energy source that can reduce your carbon footprint. However, installing solar at home isn’t the right option for everyone. For those who would like to support solar power production another way, PSE launched a new customer offering on April 1 designed to provide all customers with a path to support solar power production.

The Solar Choice program is a month-to-month solar subscription that allows customers to buy solar renewable energy credits from new, independent solar producers located in the Northwest. For as little as $5, you can match a portion of your power usage with renewable energy from solar producers in Washington or Idaho. The Kingston solar project in Kitsap County is one local project Bainbridge Island solar choice customers could end up supporting.

No panels are installed on your home or business – instead, just like with PSE’s Green Power program, energy is generated at a separate location and added to the grid on your behalf. What’s more, you can participate in both the Green Power and Solar Choice programs at the same time!  

To learn more about Solar Choice, or to enroll your home or business, you can visit the Solar Choice website at