Introducing the Eco-Pac, a battery on wheels


PSE employee Adam sitting next to a battery underneath a PSE branded canopy

Adam Stecker, PSE employee and innovation program finalist, pictured with the Eco-Pac at the Grand Old Fourth 

Did you stop by PSE’s booth at the Grand Old Fourth and see the Eco-Pac? This unique innovation was invented by PSE employee Adam Stecker.

The Eco-Pac can provide 120 or 240 volt AC power for numerous needs, and was designed to substitute an 8,500 watt gasoline-powered generator. The battery pack stores 3.5 kWh of power, enough to supply power to an average construction site for an eight-hour day. It’s not just for construction sites; the Eco-Pac could be used for camping trips, street fairs and farmers markets. The pack weighs 100 pounds and is transported easily on two heavy-duty wheels. 

Adam said his idea was conceived on Bainbridge Island while managing new construction projects for PSE. This innovation is his way of saying, “There has to be a better way to provide power to customers while they are waiting for their new electric service, and here it is!” 

The Eco-Pac is a result of PSE’s internal contest searching for exciting innovations from our employees and shows how we can work together to reduce carbon emissions. By nature, it is a zero-emissions product. Materials for the Eco-Pac come from used electric vehicle batteries that have been removed from automobiles, yet still have a few years of energy storage capacity. This is the first prototype of its kind, and patent and trademark research have already begun.