HORSE enjoying its new pasture


HORSE biodigester

In December 2017, the HORSE biodigester was welcomed to its new home at Pleasant Beach Village.

The HORSE (High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical output) continues the three-way partnership that includes Pleasant Beach Village, Impact Bioenergy and PSE.

The biodigester has been operational since the middle of December, and is generating both renewable natural gas and probiotic liquid plant food. So far, it has produced 1,452 cubic feet of natural gas from 280 lbs. of food waste input.

Pleasant Beach Village is committed to using the natural fertilizer and the energy produced by the HORSE. The fertilizer is going to farms on the Island to grow organic produce here on Bainbridge Island. They also plan on capturing the electricity generated from HORSE and transfer it to portable renewable/rechargeable power banks to charge e-bikes, electric vehicles and a variety of electrical equipment used in the Village’s daily operation.

This pilot project is a natural extension of PSE’s ongoing interest in developing alternative sources of renewable energy. In 2004, PSE began partnering with developers on dairy digesters as part of its Green Power program. We currently purchase renewable energy from six dairy digesters that turn manure into methane to fuel an electric generator. In addition, PSE’s Green Power program purchases renewable energy from a landfill gas digester in Pierce County; and we are involved in digester discussions in other communities.

"We knowhow important renewable energy is to Bainbridge Island residents,” said Karen Brubeck, PSE outreach manager. “With one more year on the Island, we’ll be able to learn much more about the HORSE’s energy capabilities."