HORSE biodigester finds new pasture


Jan Allen of Impact Bioenergy shows visitors the inner workings of the HORSE.

Jan Allen of Impact Bioenergy shows visitors the inner workings of the HORSE.

The High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical output (HORSE) biodigester has a new home on Bainbridge Island at Pleasant Beach Village.

The HORSE was previously located at the Harbour Public House for almost a year as part of a pilot project. PSE is partnering with HORSE developer Impact Bioenergy and the four restaurants at Pleasant Beach Village to continue the pilot project for one more year.

"The HORSE demonstrated the viability of using food waste to generate energy and fertilizer that supports the island economy during its stay at the Pub," said Karen Brubeck, PSE’s outreach manager on Bainbridge. "This new opportunity at Pleasant Beach Village allows us to further test the technology and continue our work with the city to discuss a larger community-based project."

The biodigester began operation at Pleasant Beach Village on Dec. 1, and is being incorporated into various operations on the site. "We are partnering with Butler Green Farms to use the liquid fertilizer created from HORSE to grow organic produce here on Bainbridge Island," said Carolyn Zipeto, operations manager for Pleasant Beach Village. "Additionally, we plan on capturing the electricity generated from HORSE and transfer it to portable renewable/rechargeable power banks. These banks will be used to power e-bikes, electric vehicles and a variety of electrical equipment used in the Village’s daily operation." 

For more information about how the digester works, watch our video