Fletcher Bay-area distribution upgrades underway! 


We’ve been working on the electric distribution system – the network of power lines that serve neighborhoods – to help improve electric reliability on Bainbridge Island. 

In October 2019, we upgraded almost a mile of existing overhead power lines with tree wire. Tree wire is a specially-coated overhead wire that’s designed to prevent an electric short (and subsequent outage) when tree limbs fall into power lines. By installing tree wire in other locations, we’ve helped reduce power outages related to falling tree branches by up to 95 percent. Learn more about the Fletcher Bay-area electric system upgrade here.  

In December 2019, crews began work on a four-month project to replace almost two miles of existing overhead wire with underground cable. We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the distribution system in this area, including historical reports of tree-related outages, and determined there would be a reliability benefit from relocating the existing lines underground. Learn more about the Fletcher Bay Rd underground conversion project here.