Downed power lines - Keep clear of fallen utility wires! 


Woman in driver seating looking up at powerline laying on front car windshield.

Winter storms can sometimes cause downed power lines. If you come across a downed utility wire of any kind, always do the following:

  • Assume it's energized and stay as far away as you can. Energized lines can charge the ground near the point of contact and may electrocute you. If you come upon a downed line of any kind, stay at least 35 feet away. Do not attempt to rescue a person or pet.
  • Call 911 or Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773. Leave everything to utility professionals and emergency personnel.
  • Do not drive over downed power lines. Even if they're not energized, downed wires can get entangled with your vehicle and cause further damage.
  • Stay in your car. If a power line falls on your vehicle while you're driving, do not exit until you know for sure that the line is de-energized.
  • If you must evacuate, jump away and land with both feet together. Do not touch the vehicle while stepping on the ground, as this can create a path for electricity to run through you. Keep your feet together and take small, shuffling steps until you’re at least 35 feet away.

For more tips, and to view a safety video, visit our website!