Bainbridge biodigester updates


HORSE biodigester at Harbour Public House

Renewable energy home grown at Pleasant Beach Village

PSE's sponsored pilot project of the anaerobic biodigester continues to demonstrate the viability of using food waste to make electricity and fertilizer. During the first year of the pilot, the digester was hosted by the Harbour Public House. For this second and final year, the digester moved to Pleasant Beach Village where we expect it to generate up to 2,550 kilowatt hours of energy per year – enough to charge the batteries for the village’s electric bicycles.

The digester's manufacturer, Impact Bioenergy, and the team at Pleasant Beach Village are currently discussing how to optimize and yield more energy by experimenting with digester settings over the summer.


Community digester proposal presented to City Council

Since 2015, we have led a discussion on the island with the City of Bainbridge and other interested community stakeholders about a community digester. We funded two feasibility studies to explore the use of anaerobic digestion to convert residential, commercial, and agricultural pre- and post- consumer organic waste on the island into locally-generated renewable energy and soil amendment products with zero waste.

At the June 5 City Council meeting, Puget Sound Energy and our partner Impact Bioenergy presented this research to the Bainbridge Island City Council. The council showed great interest in the project and noted that the city staff should continue to work on the project as time allows in 2018 and put it in the city work plan in 2019.

We are committed to promoting the expansion of renewable energy sources by funding studies like this; bringing together key stakeholders to facilitate discussion; and providing relevant expertise. Our intent is to help uncover viable project opportunities that developers and/or the community can pursue, own and operate; with PSE as the interconnecting entity.