Bainbridge prepares for storm season


This winter is expected to be a cold and rainy one due to a La Niña weather pattern, so now is a great time of year for Bainbridge Islanders to make sure they are prepared for storms and other emergencies.


Three Days of Preparedness

PSE was a proud partner of the 3rd annual Three Days of Preparedness. The PSE-sponsored film showings of The Geological Formation of Bainbridge on September 27 included a question and answer session with geologist and film narrator, Gregory Geehan. Once again, there was tremendous community interest in the film and we sold out both theaters, filling both a 250- and a 188-person capacity theater. 

Day two featured the Preparedness Expo at City Hall on September 30, where we distributed over 500 free emergency preparedness kits. The final day of preparedness on October 1 introduced the concept of "HUBs"—central gathering places among neighborhoods to be used in the event of an emergency. The City of Bainbridge Island’s goal is to eventually have 10 HUBs established, and this informational event helped get the word out.


PSE preparations for stormy weather

We have been hard at work during the nice weather this spring, summer and fall to improve reliability during this storm season. On Bainbridge, the combination of high winds, winter storms and tall trees result in trees being the #1 cause of outages. That's why we perform tree trimming every year – to reduce the likelihood of tree-related outages.

Construction projects can also help reduce the likelihood of tree-related outages. Just at the end of this month, we completed the Blakely Ave NE project, which installed two miles of new underground distribution feeder cable sheltered from falling tree limbs. Soon we will begin the NE Bergman Road tree wire project to replace approximately 4,000 feet of existing overhead wire with specialized coated tree wire. Tree wire is strong enough to withstand falling tree limbs and can reduce the likelihood of tree-related outages. 


Resources to prepare your safety plan and emergency kit

To make sure you are prepared if the power goes out this winter, we recommend your household create a safety plan. This plan can include information such as a meeting place, information on how to manually open and close electric doors, an out-of-town contact and the location of an emergency kit. We also recommend you create an emergency kit with items you may need in an outage or other emergency. For a list of suggested items, visit our create a kit webpage. 

For more information on emergency preparedness, you can visit our get prepared webpage.