Bainbridge Islanders learn how to stay safe around high voltage electricity


On Thursday, January 18, PSE partnered with the City of Bainbridge Island to provide a high voltage safety training for Bainbridge Island residents. 

Electricity silently and efficiently provides us with the energy needed to perform tasks as well as make our work easier. Unfortunately, people can become careless around downed or damaged energized lines or other utility electrical equipment. Using an energized 12,000-volt electrical distribution display, the PSE presentation worked to raise awareness of potential hazards when safety guidelines are not followed, or safe distances not maintained. 

We received positive feedback from attendees of the presentation, which had a good turnout considering the stormy weather. PSE conducts high voltage safety trainings across our service area and we will conduct another training on the island for City of Bainbridge Island staff later this month. 

For more information on electric safety, visit our electric safety webpage.