PSE gives osprey at North Kitsap High School a new home

In late March, our PSE Avian Protection Program staff partnered with Potelco, North Kitsap School District, Kitsap Audubon, and the Kitsap Rotary Club to install an osprey nest platform. In February, Jim Kaiser of Osprey Solutions L.L.C. removed the large, bulky stick nest from one of the light structures on the nearby ball field. We were concerned about the nest’s weight, the safety of students and staff, and possible fire risk. He installed devices to prevent the osprey from making a new nest there. The Kitsap Rotary and Audubon then pitched in to purchase the materials for the new nest platform. The School District staff built the platform and Haley Olson of PSE’s Avian Protection Program worked with PSE’s regional engineer, Arturas Floria, and Potelco linemen to install the pole with the platform.

While the Potelco crew drilled the hole and the School District staff built a “starter nest” of sticks and mounted the platform on the pole, an osprey watched from its previous nest location on the light. Osprey migrate south for the winter and typically return in late March or early April to nest. This bird was right on time. Since returning, the osprey has been adding new sticks to the platform, building its new home. PSE will continue to coordinate with the School District and local Audubon to confirm nesting success later in the season. 

PSE has over 70 osprey nest platforms that have been installed throughout our service area to provide safe alternatives to nesting on power poles, cellular towers, and other risky locations. Learn more about PSE’s Avian Protection Program.