PSE Foundation’s 2021 Community Healing Program: Peacock Family Services

Peacock Family Services received a $10,000 competitive grant from the PSE Foundation’s Community Healing program to support childcare services for families during this ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic has created cascading impacts of inaccessible childcare, creating systemic barriers for children and their families. Childcare centers like Peacock have remained open throughout the pandemic as an essential service to serve families and the community, while also reducing numbers of children for social distancing and facing increased expenses with health and safety protocols. As a non-profit Peacock routinely fundraises for contributed income to support the gaps between the cost of care and what our organization can charge families, as well as providing need-based and emergency scholarships — this is more critical now than ever before.

“The PSE Foundation grant will allow us to stabilize our organization, remain open, and ensure that Peacock will stand the test of these challenging times and continue to be there for our community, ” noted Kathy Haskin, Executive Director. “This also supports the local economy, as it allows parents to return to work and children to maintain continuity in care.”