PSE Avian Protection Program & West Sound Wildlife Shelter

PSE Avian Protection Program promotes a company-wide consistent avian-safe approach throughout our service area. Since the 1980’s PSE has been working to protect birds and their habitats by responding to bird-power line interactions, implementing bird-friendly construction standards to reduce the risk of bird electrocutions and collisions, coordinating with Vegetation Management and construction project managers to minimize impacts on nesting birds and habitat, and coordinating with State and federal wildlife agencies, wildlife rehabilitators, and others to help address avian concerns region-wide.

One of the Program’s most important resources is its partnerships with local entities, including wildlife rehabilitation facilities. Whenever injured birds are found near PSE facilities, the PSE avian protection program team coordinates with the local rehabber, and when wildlife rehabilitator staff find or receive birds that may have been injured on PSE equipment they notify PSE so we can install the appropriate avian protection and make our system safer for birds.

PSE’s Avian Protection Program participated in the West Sound Wildlife Shelter’s Raptor Rhapsody Event once again this year. The event was a great success. People came from near and far to meet the live animal ambassadors and were also able to visit the PSE Avian Protection Program table and staff.

“The West Sound Wildlife Shelter and Puget Sound Energy have had a long relationship, beginning over a decade ago with the Puget Sound Energy Avian Protection Program. This program has been such a valuable resource for the Shelter,” emphasized Lisa Horn, West Sound Wildlife Shelter Executive Director.

Our Avian Protection Program is recognized by federal wildlife officials as an industry model for reducing the impact of utility equipment on migrating and resident bird populations. Check out the website to learn more!