Port Madison Tap 115 kV

Completed in 2015

The Port Madison Tap 115 kV transmission line was reaching its capacity limit, which decreased the system’s ability to provide customers with reliable power, especially during times of high energy usage or during a line outage. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of power outages for customers on Bainbridge Island, we rebuilt the lines with larger wire and replaced some existing wood poles with taller wood poles. With larger wire, any future outage to one line will allow the other line to continue providing uninterrupted service to our customers.

We also replaced approximately 1.4 miles of existing overhead distribution line with specialized tree wire (see Port Madison tree wire). Tree wire is a specially coated overhead wire, which is strong enough to withstand a tree limb falling into the line, and can significantly reduce the frequency of tree-related power outages.

Construction for this project was completed in fall 2015.