Join us for a community meeting to discuss this project. We’ll present our plans to improve electric reliability in your area, and let you know what to expect as the project moves into construction.

Meeting details

Wed., Feb. 12 between 4-6 p.m.
Pleasant Beach Village, Manor House
4611 Woodson Lane Northeast, Bainbridge Island

This project will take place along Point White Drive NE and Crystal Spring Dr NE. It is currently in engineering.

On Point White Drive NE, crews will replace the existing standard overhead wire with tree wire. Tree wire is a specialized coated overhead wire which is strong enough to withstand a tree limb falling into the line and can significantly reduce the frequency of tree-related power outages. 

Along Crystal Springs Drive NE, a section of overhead electrical wire will be relocated underground due to the position of the current utility poles. These poles are located along the shoreline and are either in or near the high-tide mark, thus putting the poles in jeopardy of being in the water. After studying the situation, PSE determined undergrounding the wire was the best and most prudent option based on a number of criteria specific to this project. 

Crystal Spring Drive NE undergrounding