Peak Energy Rewards on Bainbridge Island

Puget Sound Energy is piloting a new energy-efficiency program for customers on Bainbridge Island called Peak Energy Rewards. It uses smart technology to help meet our community’s energy demand in an effort to address electric capacity needs on the island. It is a part of PSE’s unique hybrid solution to ensure safe, dependable power for families and businesses on Bainbridge Island for years to come.

You can join simply by enrolling your smart thermostat. If you don’t already have one, you can get one installed through the program with a rebate to help cover costs. PSE will then use your smart thermostat to smooth out energy demand when it’s forecasted to peak. We’ll raise your home’s temperature setting ahead of extra cold weather, and then drop it once the cold weather hits, effectively pre-heating your home so you can stay warm. You can always opt-out during one of these events by manually adjusting your thermostat. Participants receive $75 annually and will be eligible for higher rebates on heating equipment, weatherization, and more.

To join, visit the program’s website and sign into your PSE account, email or call 1-833-203-1947.