Peak Energy Rewards is now Flex Smart+

Peak Energy Rewards is now called Flex Smart+. Sign up by December 31 to receive an extra $75. You’ll also receive $75 per device for enrolling Nest or ecobee thermostats and $30 per device for enrolling Mysa or Sinopé thermostats, plus more for staying enrolled.

You’ll also be eligible for exclusive savings on energy-efficient home upgrades such as heat pumps, water heaters, and windows.

If you’ve already joined the program, we’ll send you an additional enrollment reward to match our current offer.

What’s Flex Smart+?
Flex Smart+ is a voluntary energy-efficiency pilot program for residential customers on Bainbridge Island with home heating and/or water heating provided by PSE electricity.

We launched this program in November 2022 to help meet Bainbridge Island’s growing energy needs while reducing the need for more new infrastructure, and that goal remains the same. Your participation will also help us reach our goal of providing 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045.

How do I join?
You can join by enrolling a Google Nest, ecobee, Mysa, or Sinopé smart thermostat. (We’ll be incorporating more smart thermostats into the program over time.) If you don’t have a qualifying smart thermostat, you can get one installed through the program with up to a $350 rebate to help cover costs.

Once enrolled, PSE will occasionally adjust your energy usage on especially cold days, or “flex events,” to prevent spikes in energy usage. During a cold snap, for example, we’ll lower your temperature set point by a few degrees and possibly raise it ahead of time. You can always opt out of an event by manually adjusting your thermostat.

By shifting when you use electricity and using less, you help ensure that everyone has access to energy when they need it most. You’ll also help us shift energy usage to match the availability of renewable sources like wind and solar.

Visit and sign into your PSE account. If you have questions, please contact us at or 1-833-203-1947.