Maximize savings with a new heat pump water heater and Flex Smart+

Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, are a game-changer for energy efficiency. They can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70% compared to standard electric water heaters. Instead of heating water directly, they use electricity to transfer heat, operating much like a reverse refrigerator.

These advanced units offer flexibility and control. You can customize your water temperature, select different operating modes based on your household’s needs and even set it to conserve energy while you’re away with the “vacation” mode.

Bainbridge Island residents have an opportunity to save big through PSE’s Flex Smart+ program. By installing a new heat pump water heater through a PSE Trade Ally registered with the program, you could save up to $1,650.

Better yet, residents can earn an additional $75 annually by enrolling their water heater in the Flex Smart+ demand response program. This program intelligently manages electricity consumption during peak demand, ensuring stable energy for the community while increasing your home’s energy efficiency even more.

For more details about the Flex Smart+ program, including rebates for heat pump water heaters and information on the demand response program, please contact us at 1-833-203-1947 or or visit our website Take a step toward saving energy and improving sustainability on Bainbridge Island today!