Learn more about PSE’s Wildfire Mitigation Program at our online open house available through June 21

Over the past decade, wildfires have emerged as a significant public health and safety concern for much of the Western United States. As our state’s largest utility, PSE is taking a comprehensive approach to mitigating the evolving risk of wildfires, working to ensure safety while maintaining the reliable delivery of energy to our communities. PSE’s Wildfire Mitigation Program and year-round measures cover all aspects of wildfire prevention and preparation – from proactive tree trimming near power lines to having emergency response and recovery plans ready to go in case we need them.

One important fire-prevention measure is a Public Safety Power Shut-off (PSPS), which proactively turns off power lines in areas under extreme fire risk weather conditions. It’s a tool of last resort to keep you and your community safe.

As we approach this year’s wildfire season, we want you to be prepared too! Join PSE anytime at our online open house at pse.com/wildfire.