IslandWood Dinner in the Woods is coming soon!

PSE is proud to sponsor IslandWood’s annual fundraiser, Dinner in the Woods! This year the event is a hybrid on-campus experience and a program online on April 2.

IslandWood reaches 30,000 people in the Puget Sound region each year to deepen their understanding of the world around them and the positive impact they can have through experiential environmental science programs for students, educators, and community members to deepen their understanding of the world.

Thanks to donor community and generous foundation and grant support, they’re able to provide 49% of participating schools with need-based scholarship funding to keep their programs in reach of all students and schools, regardless of their financial capacity. IslandWood’s CEO, Megan Karch, said “For nearly 20 years, IslandWood has been helping to create the next generation of environmental stewards. We couldn’t do this important work without support from our business sponsors. We are grateful for PSE’s commitment to IslandWood and outdoor education for all!”.

Learn more about this event and register at