Installing different equipment at the Murden Cove Substation to meet our customers’ energy needs

We’d like to update you on the status of our “hybrid solution” – the projects that will help improve electric reliability and capacity on Bainbridge Island. We’re continuing most of our projects as planned: the Winslow Tap Rebuild, new Murden Cove-Winslow 115kV transmission line, Winslow Substation and Murden Cove Substation upgrades, and Flex Smart+. The substation upgrades will support the new transmission line. To better meet our customers’ energy needs, we propose changing some equipment at the Murden Cove Substation.

As background, we shared our hybrid solution to meet Bainbridge Island’s identified electric reliability and capacity needs in 2019. Since then, we’ve been working on these projects and have continued to review and analyze new information. Based on this analysis, we are refining our solution to best meet the energy needs of the community — primarily at the Murden Cove Substation.

Instead of installing a Battery Energy Storage System at the Murden Cove Substation, we’re looking at other options and may install a second transformer at the existing Murden Cove Substation.

This second transformer would be part of the Murden Cove Substation upgrades. Currently, we are in the early stages of design and permitting for these substation upgrades. Depending on the progress of permitting and construction, we anticipate upgrading the Murden Cove Substation in 2025-26.

With this second transformer at the Murden Cove Substation, we would supply safe and reliable power to Bainbridge Island customers. Check out this page for more information about our substation upgrades on the island.

Overall, this is a small change, but we want to keep you updated. Please let us know if you have any questions on our Bainbridge Island projects – thank you!