Improve your home’s energy efficiency by enrolling your water heater in Flex Smart+

Bainbridge Island residents who enroll their qualified water heaters in Flex Smart+ can improve their home’s energy efficiency and earn $75 annually. You can take advantage of these savings even if you’ve already enrolled a thermostat in the Flex Smart+ program.

Enrolling a water heater requires setting up an EcoPort module. This device connects to Wi-Fi and allows PSE to automatically lower your temperature set point a few degrees for a few hours when demand for energy is forecasted to peak, such as on a really cold day. After the “peak demand” event is over, your temperature set point will return to normal. You always have the ability to control your thermostat during the peak demand events by adjusting the temperature setting on your water heater.

By enabling PSE to adjust your energy usage, you help ensure everyone has access to the electricity they need when demand for energy is highest. 

Most electric water heaters manufactured after January 2023 and sold in Washington are EcoPort-compatible. Many older heat pump water heaters are compatible, too.

Call 1-833-203-1947 or email with your water heater’s make and model numbers to see if it qualifies and request a free EcoPort!

If your current water heater isn’t EcoPort-compatible but you’re ready to upgrade, you can get $1,650 off a new heat pump water heater if you work with one of our qualified contractors. Bonus: they’ll hook up your EcoPort during installation!