Help ensure reliability and carbon-free electricity with Flex Smart+

Bainbridge Island customers who enroll in Flex Smart+ are helping PSE meet our region’s growing demand for electricity by using smart technology. 

By allowing PSE to automatically adjust their smart thermostat or water heater, Flex Smart+ participants prevent spikes in energy usage that would otherwise happen during extreme hot or cold weather, when people use more energy to heat and cool their homes. We call these times “flex events.”  

Flex events smooth out energy demand, so we’re able to meet it with current resources. In the future, it means we’re less likely to build more new infrastructure, and we’ll be better positioned to use more clean energy as we shift our usage to match the availability of sources like wind and solar. 

If you join Flex Smart+ by December 31, you’ll get $75 (up from $50), plus more for enrolling one of the following thermostats: 

  • Nest, ecobee: $75 per device 
  • Mysa or Sinope: $30 per device 

You’ll also be eligible for 3 to 5 times higher rebates on energy-efficient upgrades! 

Visit and sign into your PSE account. If you have questions, please contact us at or 1-833-203-1947.