Get higher rebates on home upgrades by enrolling in Peak Energy Rewards

By joining Peak Energy Rewards, you can get higher rebates on home upgrades that can lower your energy consumption and help the environment. This new pilot program helps meet Bainbridge Island’s growing energy needs by using smart technology to smooth out the demand for electricity on especially cold days or “peak times”. 

PSE customer, Matt von Ruden, recently enrolled in Peak Energy Rewards and was able to save thousands of dollars on a new heating system for his home. Matt worked with Bainbridge Island Heating to replace an old electric forced-air furnace with a modern Bosch heat pump system. This common upgrade results in significant energy savings. Plus, heat pumps come with the added benefit of cooling. A smart thermostat is necessary for joining Peak Energy Rewards, so Matt also got a rebate to cover the cost of a new Google Nest. 

“We love our heat pump,” Matt said. “Compared to our previous electric forced air furnace, we have experienced a reduction in our energy bill by at least 30%*. The temperature is more consistent and comfortable. The Nest thermostat works great, and the peak energy function has not been a problem. I’d highly recommend others take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade their home heating and cooling system.” 

Learn how much you can save through Peak Energy Rewards by emailing or calling 1-833-203-1947. For more details about how the program works, visit and log into your account.

*PSE has not verified energy savings. Due to the unique nature of each home, energy savings of a specific project cannot be guaranteed.