Flex Smart+ by the numbers

In November 2022, we launched an energy-efficiency pilot program, Flex Smart+, to help meet Bainbridge Island’s growing demand for energy.

By enrolling their qualified smart thermostat or water heater, Flex Smart+ participants enable PSE to automatically adjust their temperature set point by a few degrees for a few hours on days when we predict more demand for electricity. We call these temperature adjustment times “Flex events,” and they shift energy use. For example, a Flex event might occur on a day with exceptionally hot or cold weather, when we tend to use more energy to heat and cool our homes. This helps smooth out energy demand.

Since we launched the program, over 200 Bainbridge Island customers have enrolled in Flex Smart+, and we’ve completed 118* residential home upgrade projects. Because of these customer actions, we saved 304,692 kilowatt-hours, enough energy to power 29 homes a year. The table below shows the different types of home upgrade projects we’ve completed to-date, the total number of projects and the amount of kilowatt-hours saved.

Project typeTotal projects*Total kWh savings
Electric home heating87290,874
Electric water heating11,224
Residential smart thermostats205,163
Single family weatherization107,431
*As of 12/22/2023

Thank you to all the Bainbridge Island residents currently enrolled in Flex Smart+. By shifting when you use electricity and using less, you help ensure that everyone has access to energy when they need it most, and, in the future, you’ll help us shift energy usage to match the availability of renewable sources like wind and solar.

It’s not too late to join!

If you’d like to join Flex Smart+ or learn more, visit pse.com/flexsmartplus and sign into your PSE account. You’ll receive $75 for joining the program and $50 per device for enrolling Google Nest, ecobee, Amazon, Honeywell Home or Sensi thermostats and $20 per device for enrolling Mysa or Sinopé thermostats, plus more for staying enrolled. You’ll also be eligible for three to five times higher rebates on energy-efficient upgrades! 

If you don’t currently have a smart thermostat, visit pse.com/flexrewards to learn about our Flex Rewards program, which uses voluntary action instead of connected thermostats. Or, reach out to the Flex Smart+ team to discuss eligibility for potential rebates to have one installed. 

Contact us at flexsmartplus@pse.com or 1-833-203-1947.