Five energy efficiency tips for your spring home improvement projects

As you start to tackle your spring cleaning list, we want to remind you of our energy-saving rebates that help keep project costs low, reduce your carbon footprint and even lower your energy bills.
Whether your home improvement projects are big or small, we recommend using these energy-saving tips: 

1. Clear the way for efficient heating and cooling 

Spring is a great time to clean heating return registers and replace furnace filters. Looking to upgrade your heating system? Ductless heat pumps come standard with heating and cooling! Whether you need help deciding which equipment works for your home or are considering specific options, PSE offers rebates on a variety of home heating equipment. For Bainbridge Island residents, PSE offers increased rebates through PSE’s Flex Smart+ program. See more details at

2. Take advantage of the latest home technology
Devices like smart thermostats allow you to control and keep tabs on home heating usage from anywhere – and this year you can also take advantage of a $75 rebate on select models on the PSE Marketplace

Bainbridge Island residents can also enroll their qualified smart thermostat or water heater in PSE’s Flex Smart+ program. This innovative program utilizes smart technology to automatically adjust devices’ energy use, helping to reduce strain on the electrical grid during periods of high demand.

3. Receive a $500 instant discount on electric hybrid heat pump water heaters 
Heating water is the second-highest use of energy in your home. We’re making it easy to buy efficient heat pump water heaters at participating Lowe’s and Home Depot locations. For heat pump water heaters installed by a participating Trade Ally, Bainbridge Island residents are eligible for a rebate of $1,650. See more details at or call 1-833-203-1947.

4. Seal in the savings with home weatherization and insulation 
Proper insulation can help keep cool air in and summer heat out. You can also lower your energy bill by preventing heating or cooling loss through unseen leaks and seams with air sealing. New higher rebates for 2024 mean your weatherization project could be very low to no cost.  

5. Make an energy-saving plan 
The more you know, the more you can save. Understanding how much energy your home uses and assessing your home’s efficiency is the first step in staying comfortable year-round. Update your home’s profile in your account and use the Analyze My Usage tool to get customized energy-saving tips and make an energy savings plan for your household. 

Want to learn more? Check out for instant rebates. For additional tips to increase the energy efficiency of your home and learn about PSE’s other rebates, visit To get started on a project today, find a safe and dependable Recommended Energy Professional (REP) at PSE is here to help – there are more energy efficiency tips at