PSE has been part of the Bainbridge Island community for years. We’ve grown alongside the island, from its beginnings as a mill and shipping town with less than 500 residents to the vibrant community of businesses and neighborhoods that is now home to over 24,500 people.

We work hard to balance the Island’s energy needs with Islanders’ desire to remain a sustainable, environmentally friendly and naturally beautiful community. PSE deeply values our relationships with our Island customers, and we are proud of the leadership we have shown on the Island beyond our obligation to provide safe, reliable and efficient energy. As your energy neighbor on Bainbridge Island, PSE strives to exemplify these qualities in our energy service to you.


Our top priority is always safety. On Bainbridge Island, we look out for our customers by sponsoring and organizing informational emergency preparedness events such as Three Days of Preparedness, conducting regular maintenance like managing vegetation near power lines and responding quickly and efficiently to emergencies.

Community Involvement

We are an invested and involved member of the Bainbridge community. We care about contributing to the groups and events that make the Island a thriving place, and we are committed to supporting causes important to our customers such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, safety and emergency preparedness. You can find our Green Power staff at island events, encouraging involvement in our renewable energy purchasing program. From the Boys & Girls Club to the Island's artists, we sponsor and attend dozens of groups and events each year. To see the events we are sponsoring and attending, check out our community calendar or sign up for the monthly newsletter.


Being without power can be inconvenient – and sometimes dangerous. As your power provider we do everything we can to ensure your electricity reaches you safely and reliably. We’ve invested over $29 million since 2010 in upgrades and improvements to the electric system and we have more reliability projects planned for the future.

By concentrating on weak links in the distribution system and working hard to manage vegetation growth, reliability has improved. However, frequency and length of outages are still well above outages system-wide. The time has come to revisit strengthening the system through infrastructure improvements.