Clean Energy

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’re proud to serve Bainbridge Island. We know you want cleaner sources of energy, and so do we. Working together with our customers, we’ve already taken important steps in that direction, and recent action by the state legislature will allow us to accelerate our plans. Our customers want clean energy and we’re committed to working together to make this a reality. We’ve been an early leader, investing billions in renewable resources and energy efficiency for homes and businesses in our region.Our mission today is deep decarbonization, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transforming our business to deliver on the objectives of Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act. PSE will be coal free by 2025 and our electric system will be carbon neutral by 2030.

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solar panels

Clean energy programs on Bainbridge Island

We continue to offer customers and communities industry-leading renewable energy programs – like Green Direct and Green Power to reduce their carbon footprint.

Green Power and Solar Choice allow customers to match some or all of their electricity usage with renewable power or exclusively solar power, respectively. Customer Connected Solar helps customers with solar arrays use net metering to offset the cost of electricity they purchase with energy they generate.

Clean energy program enrollment on Bainbridge as of August 2019: 

  • Green Power: 1,319 homes and small businesses
  • Solar Choice: 139 customers
  • Customer Connected Solar: 277 customers participating for a combined 2 MW of solar