Bainbridge Island Residential Battery Pilot

Batteries have the potential to solve energy challenges we all care about – like providing temporary back-up power, storing solar energy, helping businesses manage their usage, and much more. Their ability to provide storage for renewables can also support our desire for cleaner energy. That’s why we’re testing and installing batteries in a number of local places to evaluate how this exciting technology can provide safe, reliable, and affordable options for homes, businesses, and communities. By committing to innovation now, our battery projects and other Grid Modernization initiatives are creating a better energy future for us all.

In November 2019, PSE began testing behind-the-meter 6 kW/15.5 kWh batteries at five Bainbridge Island homes to provide back-up power to the homeowners and peak shaving, which is a term for easing load on the grid when demand for electricity is high. The tests yielded great results – we saw one battery provide back-up power for 26 hours, and found that the batteries reduced demand by an average of 2 kW – which is approximately equivalent to the energy use of an air-conditioning unit. This may sound small, but when we think about how it can be scaled across PSE’s entire service area, it adds up to a lot of capacity that contributes to PSE reducing its use of carbon-emitting resources.

To deliver on the objectives of Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act and support PSE’s commitment to being a Beyond Net Zero Carbon energy company by 2045, PSE will be launching new products and services to deploy batteries throughout our service area. We are currently gathering customer input through community engagement efforts, and will be seeking approval from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission later this year to launch new products next year. You can learn more about our work at, and learn about our commitment to clean energy at