Bainbridge Island Electric system improvements

It’s no secret electric reliability on Bainbridge Island needs to be improved. In finding solutions, PSE is committed to exploring new technologies. Our proposed plan is a solution designed for Bainbridge Island – combining new technologies and grid infrastructure in a solutions package tailored to meet the island’s unique needs.

To address transmission reliability needs, we’re investing in transmission infrastructure that will make Bainbridge Island’s electric grid more resilient and reduce the impact of any single outage by focusing on redundancy. We plan to install a new transmission line to create a transmission “loop” which will provide more reliable power.

To address the growth that’s straining the island’s distribution system and balance the values of the community to limit infrastructure, PSE is proposing to install a utility-scale battery energy storage system to supply electricity during winter peak periods and implement innovative conservation and demand response programs which help lower customer demand.  If all of the non-wire solutions are successfully implemented, we’ll postpone the need for a new substation for at least 10 years.

These solutions components, coupled with supporting work at the existing substations, will improve the electric system on Bainbridge to ensure safe, dependable power for families and businesses for years to come. See below for a snap shot on where the projects are today!

  Solution component Need      Phase Anticipated in service
Conservation and demand response programs Capacity Preparing to launch this year– more information coming soon! 2022
Port Madison substation improvements Reliability In design 2023
Winslow Tap transmission line rebuild Reliability In design 2024
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Capacity In design 2025
Murden Cove – Winslow 115 kV (“missing link”) transmission line Reliability In design 2025/2026